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Gem Slider is a classic color matching time attack game
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Gem Slider is a time attack puzzle game in which you will need to clear the board by matching colors.
It sounds quite easy to play but in fact it's really hard! Its music is very nostalgic and uncommon for a game of this type. The board is made of movable pieces of different colors such as red, blue, and green. On the four sides of the board there is a limited number of pieces that change color as time passes, and by clicking on any piece of the sides it will be moved to its opposite direction. For example if you click on a piece on the top side it will be moved down. Clicking on a piece on the right side will move it to the left. Every time a piece from the sides is moved into the board all adjacent pieces will also be moved (as if being pushed).

Just like in any other color matching game you'll need to put at least four pieces of the same color together in any direction (except a diagonal one) to make those pieces disappear. Delete as many pieces as you can to obtain a higher score and make it to the top ten.

The right side of the screen shows the main menu from which you'll be able to get help, exit the game, configure sound options, choose the colors of the gems, and see the top scores. You choose between four levels of difficulty to gather Gem Sliding skills from scratch and become #1 on the top scores.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Monotone
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